2018 at a Glance



  • Invested assets at cost: up 2.5% to $539 million
  • Total revenue up 4.1%
  • 2.1 million commercial square feet
  • 3,000 multifamily units
  • 5.05% annual dividend yield
  • Share price increase to $15.50
One of the core principles of Dakota REIT is to be a patient investor.  In 2018 due to a continued tight real estate market of low CAP rates and rising interest rates only one property was acquired.  We are excited to add Apple Valley Business Center to our commercial portfolio.  
Offering Availability
We are excited to announce that we have a Regulation D 506b $10 million share offering opening in the summer of 2019.  Please reach out for more information.  
Thank you for your continued investment with Dakota REIT!