Joe Hauer
(Independent Trustee)

Mr. Hauer graduated from Bismarck Business College in 1962 with a degree in Business and Accounting. Mr. Hauer is the Owner/Operator of J & L Development, Inc., a land and real estate holding company with land in North Dakota and Arizona. Mr. Hauer also is involved with Arikota, LLP, a land and real estate holding company owned and operated by the Hauer family. In 1965, Mr. Hauer entered into the printing and publishing business. In 1980, Mr. Hauer entered the banking business with a start-up bank. Mr. Hauer has forty years of experience serving on profit and non-profit boards. He also currently serves on the University Board of Trustees for the University of Mary.  Mr. Hauer is also the President of United Printing in Bismarck, ND, as well as a partner in United Printing in Phoenix, AZ.


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