Mission Statement

Our mission is simple and straightforward: we offer diversification to our investors by acquiring and owning real estate that provides for value and long-term growth.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Dakota REIT is to consistently meet shareholder investment performance expectations by investing in quality real estate that will allow for attractive dividend payments and increased long-term share value.


  1. Invest in a diversified real estate portfolio of approximately 51% or greater in multifamily residential and the balance in commercial retail, office and warehouse space.
  2. Maximize return on investment potential by leveraging up to 75% loan to value of overall investments.
  3. Underwrite properties with allowances for vacancy, replacement reserves and professional management that are appropriate for the types of property being purchased.
  4. Invest in properties that provide cash flow adequate to pay dividends and allow for long-term capital investment gains through principal payback and property appreciation.
  5. Pay dividends that return a rate competitive in the market place.


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