Benefits of Investing in Dakota REIT:

Real estate investments hedge against inflation and the traditional stock market.  Incorporating real estate into an investment portfolio has historically driven higher returns.
Tax Advantages: 

Investing in a REIT may offer many tax advantages.  We recommend consulting with your tax professional regarding your particular situation.

Steady Income
Consistent Dividends and Share Growth:

Dakota REIT has paid a quarterly distribution to its investors for 21 consecutive years. 


 Diversify and Protect
Diversify & Protect:

In addition to offering an alternative investment to the traditional stock market, Dakota REIT owns a diverse portfolio of properties consisting of 49% multi-family and 51% commercial property, including office, warehouse and industrial space.


Dakota REIT is considered a long term real estate investment and a longer hold has potential for a greater return.  An investor has two options for liquidity:  Engage a broker who has a selling agreement with Dakota REIT or Utilize Dakota REIT's Redemption Program.



Financial Highlights

  • 2019 1st Quarter rate of return 5.16%
  • Current share price: $15.50
  • Offering availability: Open

Dakota REIT offers investors a diversified portfolio positioned for solid value and long term growth.  One of the core principles of Dakota REIT is to be a patient investor.  In 2018 due to a continued tight real estate market of low CAP rates and rising interest rates only one property was acquired.  We are excited to add Apple Valley Business Center to our commercial portfolio. 




Three Ways to Invest

Learn about Purchasing Shares with Dakota REITContribute Property with Dakota REITInvest Equity from a Property Sale