Why Invest With Dakota REIT?

Tax Advantages:

  • 20% Qualified Business Income pass through tax benefit for investors.
  • Capital gains deferral for Dakota UPREIT unitholders contributing property or equity.
  • Estate simplification and stepped up basis.


Dakota REIT provides a diverse portfolio across assets and geography.

Real estate has a low correlation to equities thus balancing your portfolio.


Private REITs have lower volatility and the share value is based on real estate fundamentals.

Inflation hedge of real estate. Historically, the value of rental income has increased faster than the inflation rate.



Grow your income with quarterly distributions.

Dividend yield 2% higher than public REIT average.

UPREITs allow you to invest your deferred tax savings.


Financial Highlights

Dakota REIT offers investors a diversified portfolio positioned for solid value and long term growth.
Data represents 2019 un-audited financials. 


 *Limited partnerships account for $3.3 M of total assets under management

Three Ways to Invest

Learn about Purchasing Shares with Dakota REIT

Contribute Property with Dakota REIT

Invest Equity from a Property Sale