Benefits of Investing in Dakota REIT:

Real estate investments hedge against inflation and the traditional stock market.  Incorporating real estate into an investment portfolio has historically driven higher returns.
Tax Advantages: 

Investing in a REIT may offer many tax advantages.  We recommend consulting with your tax professional regarding your particular situation.

Steady Income
Consistent Dividends and Share Growth:

Dakota REIT has paid a quarterly distribution to its investors for 21 consecutive years. 


 Diversify and Protect
Diversify & Protect:

In addition to offering an alternative investment to the traditional stock market, Dakota REIT owns a diverse portfolio of properties consisting of 49% multi-family and 51% commercial property, including office, warehouse and industrial space.


Dakota REIT is considered a long term real estate investment and a longer hold has potential for a greater return.  An investor has two options for liquidity:  Engage a broker who has a selling agreement with Dakota REIT or Utilize Dakota REIT's Redemption Program.



Financial Highlights

  • 2019 1st Quarter rate of return 5.16%
  • Current share price: $15.50
  • Offering availability: Open

Dakota REIT offers investors a diversified portfolio positioned for solid value and long term growth.  




Three Ways to Invest

Learn about Purchasing Shares with Dakota REITContribute Property with Dakota REITInvest Equity from a Property Sale