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55 West
51,144 sq. ft.


Amber Valley Retail Center
56,572 sq. ft.


Azool Retail Center
44,498 sq. ft.


Bismarck Airport Road Properties
40,803 sq. ft.


Century Mall
13,250 sq. ft.


City West
56,652 sq. ft.



Cummins NPower - DePere
23,206 sq. ft.



Cummins NPower - Fargo
28,137 sq. ft.


D & M Industries
66,152 sq. ft.


Donegal Centre
17,354 sq. ft.


Eagle Point Office Center II
30,581 sq. ft.


Eagle Point Office Center III
40,404 sq. ft.


First Center South
103,460 sq. ft.


Harmony Plaza
46,000 sq. ft.


Hastings Plaza
17,600 sq. ft.


Leevers Supervalu
29,882 sq. ft.


Lindquist Square
22,480 sq. ft.


Logan's On Third
28,347 sq. ft.


Mendota Heights
71,631 sq. ft.


Metro Center Mall
64,902 sq. ft.


Minot Mini Storage
34,800 sq. ft.


North Pointe Retail Center
29,743 sq. ft.


Plymouth 6-61
45,362 sq. ft.


Pioneer Center
48,860 sq. ft.


Pinehurst Square East
114,102 sq. ft.


Pinehurst Square West
69,119 sq. ft.


Pizza Ranch
4,800 sq. ft.


River Plaza
38,713 sq. ft.


Riverwood Plaza
39,120 sq. ft.


ShopKo - New Prague
25,614 sq. ft.


ShopKo - Oakes
25,614 sq. ft.


South Broadway Plaza

15,364 sq. ft.


TMI Building
55,619 sq. ft.



Tower Plaza
103,072 sq. ft.


Tuscany Square

30,806 sq. ft.


Vadnais Square
123,626 sq. ft.


West Fargo Warehouse
180,000 sq. ft.


Willow Creek Plaza

29,243 sq. ft.

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